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We are a manufacturer, distributor & exporter of Terram fullers earth. Our high-quality activated clay has helped local and overseas refineries. Find out more why they choose our product.

Finding suitable Fullers Earth (Bleaching Earth) for your refinery is not easy

Sometimes it's too expensive

Expensive fullers earth will make production cost higher and impact the final product price

Sometimes it’s too smooth and made your niagara filter jammed

The activated clay you use can disrupt the manufacturing process and add to other costs

Sometimes its bleaching earth power is low

The low power activated bleaching earth will decrease your final product purity

Sometimes its quality up and down

The quality of your activated bleaching earth will fluctuate and disappoint your customers

But, don’t worry, because we have developed quality fuller’s earth/ bleaching earth that solves it all

Our objectives are to provide high-quality activated bleaching clay with uncompromising services that can fulfill our customer needs. The specialties and advantages of our activated bleaching earth products are competitive prices, a choice of product types that can be tailored to consumer needs, stable and good product quality, and our factory already has ISO and HACCP certified.

Proudly introducing

Terram Activated Bleaching Earth

Terram activated bleaching earth clay is a Calcium Bentonite that is activated by sulphuric acid, washed, dried, and grinded into powder. It has good absorption power and is used as an absorbent and catalyst. It is used for refining crude palm oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, other vegetable oils, into cooking oil.

General specification


Bulk Density (BD) : Max 0.65 GR/CC


Moisture Content (110°C 2 Hours) : Max 15%


Particle Size > Mesh 230 : Min 25%


Acidity : Max 8 mgr KOH/gr


Filtration (Thickness 3-4 mm) : Max 480 Second


Surface Area / Absorption Power : (Depends on grade / quality)


Certificate : Dioxin, Heavy Metal, Halal, Kosher

Product type & variation

Terram 1000 is the highest quality of our fullers earth product. It is used for refining heavy colour oil like second grade crude palm oil and used motor oil. This product is favored by consumers because of it’s powerful bleaching and it’s saving in usage.

This activated bleaching earth is used for refining crude palm oil and parrafin. If the crude palm oil is not in first quality, our customers used Terram 870 for processing their cooking oil.

Terram 850 is the activated bleaching earth that most widely used by domestic consumers because of its economical price and satisfactory bleaching power.

Terram 820 is our activated bleaching earth product which is widely used by consumers who have their own oil palm plantations, so their raw materials of crude palm oil is in high quality and easy to bleach.

Terram 800P is our activated bleaching earth product that is very suitable for refine coconut oil. It is used at coconut oil cooking oil factory like PT. Barco.

Terram Q is our bleching earth product that is used for bleaching light colour and for bleaching very good quality crude palm oil which is found at Riau area.

terram activated bleaching earth

Terram activated bleaching earth powder. We have delivered Terram to local and international consumers.

Why Choose Activated Bleaching Earth
By Terram


Good quality

Customer trust is our priority, we just provide the best quality product to the market



Laboratory testing was performed to maintain the stability of product specification and performance


Custom order

We serve custom orders from customers to meet their specific needs

Economical price

Get the best price that can we offer to help you better manage your production costs. Start from USD 200 per metric ton


On-time delivery

Don’t worry about delivery, we guarantee Terram will arrive on time


Our products have obtained various certifications such as ISO, HACCP, Halal, Kosher, and others

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Our Fullers Earth Has Been Trusted
by Dozens of Refineries

We have supplied Terram to various refineries both local and overseas. Now, we also want to serve yours


  • PT. Citra Buana Utama
  • PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk.
  • PT. Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk.
  • PT. Sari Mas Permai
  • PT. Ikan Dorang
  • PT. Global Interinti Industri
  • PT. Batara Elok Semesta Terpadu
  • PT. Berkah Emas Sumber Terang
  • PT. Budi Nabati Perkasa
  • PT. Cisadane Raya Chemical
  • PT. Kirana Mitra Abadi
  • PT. Energi Unggul Persada
  • PT. Lembah Krya
  • PT. Barco Indonesia









Get the best natural bleaching earth for your refinery to provide better product quality. Get more information about Terram activated bleaching clay now.

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